Urgent need to turn off the site? Then you got to the address, our service will help you with this, we can disable not only the usual site, but also the regular user from the Internet, you only need to provide us with his IP address. You can buy ddos ​​attack in just 5 minutes, for this you only need to contact us via ICQ or TELEGRAM and have the BITCOIN coin in your wallet. To place an order in our service, you need to provide our operator with the address of the site that you want to disable, and specify the time when it should be unavailable, then our employee will check the structure of the site, the hosting provider, and then tell you the approximate cost of the attack. The price of the ddos ​​attack for each site is individual, it can be $100 a day, or maybe $1000 a day, it all depends on many factors. We have extensive experience in the field of ddos attacks, we have been working since 2014, over these 5 years we have successfully completed over 500 orders, in all this time we have studied numerous anti ddos systems and today we know how to disable almost any site that is protected antidos. After analyzing the site, we always provide our clients with a free test attack on the site within five minutes, we provide free advice on hacking and blocking an online resource. We have many advantages over our competitors; we are this: polite technical support, who speaks Russian and English, in the messengers we are constantly in touch, pleasant discounts and conditions for our regular customers. Also in our service there is a domain blocking service at the registrar level, since 2017 this service has proven itself well, at the moment it is the best way to stop the site, thereby leaving the usual ddos attacks in the past. Domain blocking is provided with a 100% guarantee, and there are no traps, the administrator simply cannot do anything about it, unlike DDoS attacks, the administrator can always add additional protection and this makes it difficult to work (you have to pay an additional amount for the attack) or will completely stop the ability to attack the site. Thus, domain blocking is very much in demand by our customers who need stability in disconnecting the site, the minimum domain blocking through icann is 14 to 40 days, it’s profitable and cheap, because after the site becomes active, the site will partially lose its position in search engines, because after blocking this resource will reduce the trust of search engines. If you decide to punish a competitor and order ddos ​​attack or domain registrar lock, you should immediately contact us and we will do all the dirty work for you and your money. We are also ready to show you a huge amount of feedback from our clients on various Internet sites, as well as check our services on major hacker portals from administrators!

Why is it worth working with us?

  • Free test attack
    To all of our new customers provide a free test to any website.
  • Monitoring sites
    Our staff constantly check the attacked website, you can sleep well.
  • Full security
    We use a secure HTTPS protocol to hash all data, our service is absolutely anonymous.
  • Experienced professionals
    Our service has been leading the market for over 5 years and still ranks first, every year we become smarter and more powerful.
  • Complete anonymity
    We accept payment in cryptocurrency, it is the most anonymous and secure payment method, no one will ever find you or us.
  • Double attack site
    We attack HTTP and HTTPS protocols, we do not take surcharges for this as some services, sometimes we attack and sub domains.
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