Our prices:

  • Domain block

    Blocking domain for 40 days at the registrar level: By agreement!

  • Simple website

    Sites that are located on Shared hosting - the price from $100 / Days

  • VPS servers

    Sites that are located on VPS servers - the price from $120 / Days

  • VDS servers

    Sites that are located on VDS servers - the price from $150 / Days

  • Under protection

    Sites under the protection of AntiDDoS companies - the price from $500 / Days

  • The full cost of a DDOS attack will be announced when analyzing the site or server. The price of a ddos attack is influenced by many factors, primarily the hosting of the site provider, the popularity of the site.

  • Liam / February 28, 2018
    I decided to buy DDoS attack in this service and never regretted it, guys did a great job, thanks for the quality work done.
  • Mason / January 15, 2017
    Order ddos attack on a competitor’s website turned out to be easy peasy, everything went fine, the guys are just gods of their work.
  • Olivia / December 22, 2016
    We ordered testing of our store with colleagues, our site could not withstand the attack, this service helped us set up a good defense against ddos attacks.
  • Jacob / April 13, 2015
    I have already worked with this service more than once, everything is top notch, the last time I bought DDoS attack and domain block, my competitor was just furious.