You can buy ddos ​​attack from us in just 5 minutes, for this you only need to contact us via ICQ or TELEGRAM, send a link to the site that you need to disable and have a Bitcoin or Ethereum coin in your wallet. After that, our employee will analyze the site for vulnerabilities. carefully analyze the structure of the site and its hosting provider, after which it will tell you the approximate cost of a ddos ​​attack per day. The price of a ddos attack can vary from $ 100 to $ 1,000 per day, everything will depend on many factors that we will find when crawling the site. We have been working in the ddos ​​services market for more than 6 years, during which time we have completed more than 1,500 orders. Among our goals were secure sites such as CloudFlare, OVH, Incapsula and others. We know very well how to get around the structure of protected resources and guarantee a 100% result. For each new client, before order ddos ​​attack, we provide a free ddos ​​test attack on the site for 2-3 minutes, and also provide free advice on hacking and blocking a domain at the registrar level. We have a number of advantages compared to our competitors, only we have: polite technical support that speaks any language in the world (we use Google translator), we are constantly in touch in the messenger, we do constant discounts for our customers and much another. Also, since 2017, a new domain blocking service at the registrar level has appeared in our service. From now on, this service worked well and remains the leader in our list, at the moment this is the best way to suspend the site for a long time. The operation is performed directly through "ICANN", which leads to a ban for 40 days. What does it give? Blocking for 40 days leads to a complete shutdown of the site, loss of traffic and trust from the search engines. The site is in the worst ranking in the search results located on the bottom pages of the search, and your resource attracts all the attention of the audience. The site will be disconnected with a 100% guarantee even if there are reliable anti-ddos elements.

Important: Why is it beneficial to use domain block? It is more practical and cheaper. If anti-ddos security servers are installed on the resource, the cost of attacks can reach $ 500-1000 per day due to additional difficulties that our experts circumvent during the attacks. Blocking at the registrar level will help to achieve the same result if you want to “reset” a competitor in the race for profit. After a 40-day ban, the site will resume its work, but the trust of users and the search engine cannot be returned.

Why is it worth working with us?

  • Free test attack
    For all our new customers, we provide a free test attack on any site, as well as free advice on removing the site from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Bing.
  • Monitoring sites
    Our employees constantly check the site that we are attacking, if we notice that the site has resumed work, we will immediately correct the attack and turn off the site again.
  • Full security
    We use the secure HTTPS protocol to hash all data, our service is completely anonymous, your Internet provider or other services will not see that you visited our site.
  • Experienced professionals
    Since 2014, our service continues to lead the market for DDoS services, with each new year we become more experienced, powerful, anonymous.
  • Complete anonymity
    We accept payments only in cryptocurrency, worrying about your and our anonymity, at the moment this is the most anonymous and secure method of payment.
  • Double attack site
    We attack HTTP and HTTPS protocols, we do not take surcharges for this as some services, sometimes we attack and sub domains.
  • Liam / February 28 / 2018
    The store is super! I will always buy ddos attack only here! They demonstrated a test attack for me, and for free, they helped with some difficulties and made a good discount. Guys, I adore you!
  • Mason / January 15 / 2017
    Our company first contacted this service about five months ago to destroy a competitor’s site. We were forced to order ddos attack because our budget was limited.The results exceeded expectations: sales growth for the first quarter was + 96%, and this is in the “dead season”, when we usually suffer losses.
  • Olivia / December 22 / 2016
    DD4BC hackers began to attack our site and demand a ransom, my colleagues found this site, we asked to install good protection against ddos attacks . Now our site is working again as usual.
  • Jacob / April 13 / 2015
    We have been working with DDOS-STRESS for quite some time. The last time I purchase ddos attack and domain blocking, my competitor was just furious. No complaints, some positive impressions. We will continue to cooperate.
  • David / November 15 / 2014
    I am new to hacker affairs, it was not easy for me to select the performers of ddos attacks, when I contacted the manager this issue was quickly resolved. The man proved himself very well and I decided to buy ddos here. I was very pleased with my purchase.
  • Jackson / February 27 / 2014
    For a long time I did not know what an is ddos attack was, until I turned to this service. They explained everything as detailed as possible, demonstrated how it works, I was surprised.
  • Lucas / September 14 / 2014
    I urgently needed a ddos attack, I found this service in a search engine. In the messenger responded to the message very quickly. They explained everything in detail and ten minutes later set to work. Communicated politely, correctly. In general, the service was satisfied.