Blocking domain at the registrar level for 40 days!

How will the site be blocked? We will write bad reviews about the site and send fake malicious emails on behalf of the site, in our database there are more than 10,000,000 email, the domain blocking subject will be: phishing, child porn, viral stuff, fraud. It is also possible to write feature articles for a specific site. Minimum blocking price $3700.

Blocking includes itself

  • Writing bad reviews about the siteWe write bad reviews on behalf of users on various thematic Internet resources. In the future, these reviews will be collected and sent to the registrar for consideration of complaints.
  • Mass spam mailing to user mailboxesWe send more than 10,000,000 letters to mailboxes to different users, all of these letters come with a substitution of the mailing address for example [email protected], approximately after 100,000 letters have been sent, all further letters are sent to the spam box.
  • Sending material to the registrarWe collect a full package of irrefutable evidence to be sent to the registrar, after receiving the data by the registrar, the domain will be blocked.

How to order a domain block? You need to contact us, provide a link to the site you want to block, then our operator will analyze the site and find out its registrar, then we will give you the full cost of blocking. If you are satisfied with the price, we give you our wallet to pay for the service, you pay the agreed amount, and we begin work on blocking your domain at the registrar level.

Term domain blocking? We give a 100% guarantee that the domain will be blocked for 40 days, there are no pitfalls like in ddos attacks, sometimes the site goes to another Anti-DDoS provider and then the attack becomes impossible for us or very expensive for you, so blocking the domain is the most ideal the option to destroy the site, the standard domain blocking time is 40 days, after this period the site will fully resume its work.

How long does it take to block? Work from our side takes 2-3 days, during this time we will 100% fulfill our conditions. Next, we send the data to the registrar of the domain for consideration, after considering the package of evidence, the registrar blocks the work of the site in the course of 24-48 hours!

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