What are we doing?

  • Writing bad reviewsWe write bad reviews about the site on various forums, create articles on popular sites about the negative work of the domain, in which we describe negative statements about the website
  • Mass spam mailing

    We conduct mass mailing of spam with malicious HTML code on behalf of the site, in our database there are more than 10000000 mailboxes. Example [email protected], after we send 500,000 letters, all the following letters are sent to the spam box.

  • Sending proof

    We collect a full package of irrefutable evidence to be sent to the registrar, after receiving the data by the registrar, the domain will be blocked. Reason for blocking: spam, phishing, viral content.

What are the guarantees that the domain will be blocked for 40 days?

This service has no pitfalls as with a regular ddos ​​attack, for example: You bought ddos attack on website for one day for $ 300, after a five hour attack, the site owner decided to transfer the site to a powerful Anti-DDoS provider for servicing, because of this, the cost of attacks will be much higher, it can reach up to $ 1000 per day, not every customer is ready to pay that kind of money, so blocking a domain is an effective global solution for destroying a site that can bring down a business and cause complex devastating damage, given the termination of the site within 40 days.

How long does it take to complete the job?

Work from our side takes 2-3 days, during this time we will 100% fulfill our conditions. Next, we send the data to the registrar of the domain for consideration, after considering the package of evidence, the registrar blocks the work of the site in the course of 12-24 hours!


  • Steven 【30.03.2021】

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    You have always been up in helping our company run smoothly and influencing the remainder of the competitor's to realize the company's planned goals. Your passion for the task is what causes you to an unbelievable person to figure with. you probably did a wonderful job by training our team members on the new technologys, which made huge differences.

  • Gregory 【01.05.2019】

    This year, we've got made impressive progress in our business goals, constantly and rapidly evolving against the backdrop of a really competitive trading environment. many thanks once more for your commitment and invaluable contributions toward helping this business reach its full potential.