v Domain blocking from 14 to 40 days!

Domain blocking at the registrar level from 14 to 40 days!

How is the site blocked? Our specialists will write bad reviews about the site and send out fake emails on behalf of the site, there are more than 1000000 mailboxes for mass spam mailings in our database, the subject of mailings is phishing, child porn, viral material, fraud. The minimum price of a site blocking from $3200.

DDOS Stress Team

How to order a domain lock? You need to contact us through the ICQ client, provide a link to the site you want to block, then our operator will analyze the site and find out its registrar, then we will give you the full cost of blocking. If you are satisfied with the price, we give you our wallet to pay for the service, you pay the agreed amount, and we begin work on blocking your domain at the registrar level.

Term domain blocking? We give a 100% guarantee that the domain will be blocked for 14 days, the maximum blocking period is up to 40 days, everything will depend on the resource administrator, whether he will appeal to the registrar or not. Domain may not work 16-17-18 days, it does not depend on us.

How long does it take to lock? Work from our side takes 2-3 days, during this time we will 100% fulfill our conditions. Next, we send the data to the registrar of the domain for consideration, after considering the package of evidence, the registrar blocks the work of the site in the course of 24-48 hours!

  • Michael / June 27 , 2018
    After a week ddos attacks on the site, I realized that it was expensive for me and it would be more profitable for me to order a domain blocking, many thanks to the guys for the fast and high-quality work.
  • Robert / December 07, 2017
    I ordered a domain lock, the work was done as promised, the site was unavailable for 17 days, thanks to this service.
  • Scott / September 21, 2018
    I ordered DDoS attack on the site and domain blocking, competitors are just in shock, I am very grateful to this service.
  • Richard / April 14, 2016
    I ordered my competitors, the site did not work for almost a month, the competitors suffered very heavy losses, I am very happy about that, thanks for the honest work.
  • Marat / November 03, 2015
    I bought a blocking for two sites, we were given a good discount, I hope you will always make discounts to your customers, thank you.