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Do you urgently need to buy ddos attack ? You have come to the team of professional performers, our experts will help you order ddos ​​attack to the site in just 5 minutes. Our service was launched in 2014 and still remains the market leader. During these 5 years of work, our employees studied a huge amount of materials about the vulnerabilities of network structures; we know very well how to bypass most of the popular defenses and successfully conduct a powerful DDoS attack. During this time we have completed more than 500+ orders, 450 customers were very pleased with the result of working with us. We have a lot of privileges over competitors, we are: polite technical support, the operator is constantly online, the system of discounts, a free test, we hold consultations on blocking and hacking websites. Making an order on our website is very simple, you just need to contact us and provide a website for a full analysis so that we can study the level of difficulty of the attack, as well as estimate its cost. After that, our specialists can launch an attack in 5 minutes, our online service works quickly and efficiently, we always find a compromise for our clients and offer pleasant discounts on all our services. We have two huge botnets with a very large number of bots to attack almost any site, our botnets are equipped with various systems to bypass almost any protection, and our employees are trained in high-quality intelligence and extensive work experience. The cost of the attack depends on the site parameters, site theme, site age, site hosting provider, so the price of each site is individual, we evaluate each site in accordance with the market standards of the shadow market, but only in our service prices are much cheaper than our competitors, we We provide our regular customers with discounts of up to 25%. Also in our service, you can order a domain lock for a period of 14 to 40 days. What is the difference between simple attack and blocking? Domain locking happens with a 100% guarantee, and there are no pitfalls, the administrator simply cannot do anything about it. A hacker attack can fail at any time, or its cost will be increased if the resource manager has put up a good defense, we are not gods, sometimes we cannot disable some sites, therefore domain blocking is very much in demand by our clients. We are always ready to provide you with a free test attack on the site, as well as show you a huge amount of feedback from our clients on various sites, as well as check our services on major hacker portals from administrators!

Why is it worth buy ddos attack from us?

  • Free test attack
    Absolutely free for each new client, our operator offers a test attack to any website or server, regardless of their power.
  • Constant site monitoring
    Our technical support every hour checks the ordered site for inaccessibility and corrects attacks. You can sleep well, we are not sleeping for you.
  • Experienced experts in the field of DDOS
    We are experienced professionals who have proven themselves in the market of DDoS services since the distant 2014 and still occupy leading positions on all fronts.