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Urgently look for a cheap ddos service? Do you want to buy ddos attack for personal or business needs? You have come to the right place since DDoS Stress provides ddos for hire service. To complete your purchase must have Telegram account and wallet with cryptocurrency. Two of the main service we recommend you for order this is hire ddos attack and domain blocking.

Powerful DDoS-for-hire services

No. 1. Buyers should contact us using Telegram and give information about website whose work needs to be suspended. You set a task - we offer a specific solution.

No. 2. The employee will conduct preliminary analysis of hosting provider, presence of vulnerabilities in website structure, popularity of domain. We analyze all factors affecting successful conduct of ddos attack or domain blocking. We attack websites located on shared hosting, VPS / VDS servers, as well websites protected by Anti-DDOS companies.

No. 3. If you're happy with ddos attack price, before order ddos attack, we're launching ddos stress test, you check work of website and you see error 502 or 503, and after that you paying services and we are launching a full ddos attack.

Buy a DDoS Attack or Blocking Domain

Why is it beneficial to use the domain blocking service? It is more practical and cheaper, and also causes enormous damage to online stores. If anti-ddos scripts are installed on the website, the cost of completing an order can reach 500-1000 dollars per day due to the additional difficulties that our specialists face during a ddos ​​attack for hire. After a 40-day ban, the site will partially resume its work, but at the same time it will lose its popularity among search engines, for example: before the domain was blocked, the website was in the top 1 for the keyword buy Tesla in the Google search engine, after the domain was blocked, all domains automatically fall under the filter Google Penguin or Google Panda.

Why You Should Order DDoS Attack From Us

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    7+ years of experience

    Is what made us different from others, we work with roots of information and skills in hacking field. Use the vast powers of our rich experience that make us stand out from rest.

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    Try before you purchase

    Let us show free ddos testing for new customers. So that potential clients can check quality of services provided. Prices are very reasonable and cheaper than any other hackers.

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    Anonymized payment

    Service «DDoS-Stress» use Bitcoin payment processor for fast and secure payments to ensure customer privacy and security.

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    24 x 7 Customer Support

    We work 24 hours and seven days per week, if you've got any questions, you'll reach us at any time you need. We promise to supply immediate support.

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    World Class Privacy Policy

    Our website runs upon an SSL certificate, so all data is secured, all conversations with us pass via deep AES encryption; and, under no conditions will we expose your identities to the third parties.

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